After confirming the connection of the homeit BOX to the homeit server, you have to register, configure and test the system.

  • Use the homeit Fitter App

  1. Use a QR code reader on your smartphone to read the code that is in the homeit KIT box. If you can not use a QR code reader, go straight to point 3.
  2. Confirm redirection to the suggested webpage.
  3. LOGIN to with your homeit access credentials.
  4. Enter the homeit BOX Serial Number you areactivating in the Box SN field.
  5. Enter the MAC address of the homeit Box that you are activating in the Box MAC field.
  6. Select from the list the Home where you are installing.
  7. Select the Doors you want to associate with the homeit Box that you are activating.
  8. Click on 'ACTIVAR'.

ATTENTION! Done manually, the MAC ADDRESS must be filled in lowercase and without hyphens, as shown in the image below.


  • After clicking on 'ACTIVAR' you will be redirected to the DOORS section. In this section are listed all the Doors associated with the Home.
    1. Click on 'Gerar Chaves' to create Test Keys. These keys are associated with the keypad codes *12345 and *67890, and will be active for 2 hours.
    2. You can click on the ARROW icons to send the opening command for each Door directly from the application.
    3. Click on the name of each Door to enter the configuration page.

ATTENTION! All Doors must be configured before the equipment can be tested.

  • The configuration area of each Door allows you to set up your functional specifications, as well as identify and activate the equipment installed on the selected Door.
    1. In the Name field you can, if necessary, set or change the Door name.
    2. Choose from which terminal in the homeit Box circuit commands should be sent- STREET (dry contact) or FLAT (12VDC).
    3. Select the time duration of the door opening commands - 1 second - 1 SEC. - or 4 seconds - 4 SEC.
    4. Select whether the Door has Keypad or not.
    5. Click on 'GUARDAR'. You can always edit the configuration again if necessary.

That's it! You are now ready to test your homeit System.