If your homeit Dashboard shows a Connection Problem next to one of your Doors, it means the connection between the homeit Box and the homeit Server was lost. Please follow these steps to track down and solve the problem.

  • Check if there is electrical power in the apartment
    1. Check the electrical distribution board for turned off circuit breaker switches and turn them back on.

  • Check if there is internet
    1. Is the router off? If so, then turn it on.
    2. The router is on, but you can't access the internet via your web browser? Restart your router by unplugging the power supply and plugging it in back again. Be patient, the router might take up to 5 minutes to restart.
    3. Still no internet? Get in touch with your Internet Service Provider.

  • Check if all cables are well connected
    1. Check if the PoE power supply is plugged into the electrical socket, and the GREEN LED light is on.
    2. Check the network cable connections on the PoE power supply:
      • DATA IN: cable that connects to the internet access point (router, network extender, network switch or wall plug).
      • DATA & POWER OUT: cable that connects to the homeit Box.
    3. Check if the network cable that connects the router to the PoE power supply is connected in the LAN / INPUT port on the router. You can also try to connect it to a different port in the router.

  • Is the homeit Box back online?
    1. YES: Great! You are back in business.
    2. NO: We're sorry to hear that. Get in touch with us, and we will dig a bit deeper.

Please contact us while you are in the apartment so we can assist you:

homeit Support

between 09.00 - 18.00 (local PT time)