If you don't have mobile data on your phone, you can still use it to open the doors. All you need to do this is to send an SMS (text message) with your Key code to the homeit Host Server phone number, and the door will magically open!

First of all, you will need the SMS access code that is linked to your digital Key. This is a 14 characters personal code that will look something like this:

Example:    ABCDEF#1234567

ATTENTION! You should have one different code for each door you want to open. If you don't have these codes, you might need to request them from your host.

To open the door, follow these instructions:

  • Using your phone SMS app
    1. Open your SMS app
    2. Create a New Message
    3. In the 'To:' field, type one of the homeit Host Server phone numbers:
      • If you are sending from a USA or Canada phone number:    +1 2565308295
      • If you are sending from any other phone number:    +351 927819042
    4. In the 'Message' field, type or paste your Key code
    5. Click on 'Send' to unlock the door
    6. Push the door and go in

If you have the homeit App and previously dowloaded your Key, you can also use it to send the SMS code. Follow these steps:

  • Using the homeit App without mobile data
    1. In 'My Homes' click on the selected Home
    2. select 'My Keys'
    3. Click on the door you want to open
    4. In 'Unlock Door', click YES
    5. In the 'Send Message' pop-up, click OK to open your SMS app
    6. Your key code will be pre-filled. Click 'Send' to unlock the door
    7. Push the door and go in

Unfortunately there might be some situations where your own phone service provider will not allow this service to function. If you have trouble following these steps, please contact your host and ask him to open the door remotely.