What is iCal synchronization for?

By synchronizing an iCal calendar with one of your Homes, you can have access to all your future Airbnb bookings within your Dashboard. This will allow you to generate keys with a single click, without having to type in all the booking dates information and guest details. You must log in to Airbnb and identify the calendar you will export.

Your iCal link should look something like this: https://www.airbnb.com/calendar/ical/1234567.ics?s=sc8fne84nd87sd6fbfr87esgywdb67eeg

  • Exporting the calendar from Airbnb
  1. Go to Edit Ads on airbnb.com
  2. Click on Edit Ad and Calendar on the ad you want to edit
  3. Click on Availability
  4. Under Synchronize iCalendar select Export Calendar
  5. Copy the Airbnb calendar link

Follow this link for more information. After exporting the calendar link from Airbnb, you can import it into your Dashboard.

  • Importing the calendar into Dashboard
  1. Log in to your Dashboard
  2. Identify the House that you want to synchronize with the Airbnb calendar
  3. Click on Edit Home
  4. Under Synchronize iCalendar, select the Add iCal link option
  5. Paste the link with the iCal address you exported previously
  6. Select the Doors you want to associate with the Key
  7. Click Save

After synchronization, go to your Calendar to see a list of all future Airbnb bookings.

NOTE: Please be aware that past bookings will not be visible on the Calendar section! If you only have bookings that already passed, you will not see any information on the Calendar.

  • Creating keys for a Calendar booking
  1. Select the booking from the list. You can also use the Search bar for name, phone number, street address or date.
  2. Click on Create Key. This key will be created and listed on the Keys section of your Dashboard.

To learn more about the Keys section, and how you can create them manually and edit them, read this article.