Dear Customer,

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Web APP in the week of 16th of March.

The new Web APP was designed to bring your homeit experience to the next level. You will now be able to see all your properties, the number of keys and bookings per property all on the home page.

One of the main changes is regarding the guest access. We are extremely proud to launch a brand new process for homeit guest access. With our new Web APP all the keys generated will have a unique link for your guest.

Your guest will be able to click on the link on any device and simply access the doors he has access to.

We are now deleting mandatory APP downloads for your guests for good. (therefore, it will be a matter of time until we discontinue the actual Guest APP).

Finally, we are also launching as requested premium features that you will be able to subscribe such as:

  • Add any iCal to generate keys automatically (Airbnb,, Homeaway, etc.)

  • Create master keys

  • Create unlimited keys

  • Recover expired keys

  • See unlimited entry logs

Kind Regards,

Team Homeit