This guide will allow you to change the BOXv1 Wi-Fi credentials assuming the BOXv1 is already configured.

  1. Make sure BOXv1 is powered ON seen by the LED activity.
  2. Open the BOXv1 by removing the plastic enclosure.
  3. Locate the SETUP button on the board. The board has a single blue button about 1mm in diameter near the keypad connector.
  4. Press and hold the button for atleast 5 seconds. Release the button when the LED turns off.
  5. Wait for the blue LED to start blinking fast.
  6. Go into your computer/phone Wi-Fi settings and connect to the network called homeit-box-XXXX, where XXXX corresponds to the last 4 characters of the BOXv1 Mac Address found on the sticker on the circuit board.

    1. Select Keep Wi-Fi connection when the warning Internet may not be available is shown.
    2. Device is now connected to the BOXv1.
  7. On a Web Browser (we recommend Google Chrome), search for the following URL: on the URL/search bar.
  8. The Configuration Mode page will be shown, press NEXT and then on the Configuration Menu select CHANGE WI-FI SETTINGS. 
  9. On the new page press SCAN WIFI to search for the local Wi-Fi networks.

  10. Select the desired Network and enter the password
  11. After the third checkmark the BOXv1 will redirect you to your properties page (this guide is mainly towards a BOXv1 that is already configured).
  12. The Wi-Fi credentials have been changed successfully

We are constantly aiming to improve our guides, leave us some feedback down below, thank you!