Table of Contents

1. Description

The issue is related to the configuration of the router.

Most (if not all) of the routers on the market came with the wifi channel configured to auto.

On the cheap/less advanced routers this search for the best channel is done on a config change or on boot.

The smartRouter 2.0 that Vodafone sends is doing this search at a periodic interval.

If the wifi channel changes the box (and all wifi devices) will stop communicating with the Router, dropping the connection, until they discover the same router on the new channel.

2. Instructions for the SmartRouter2.0

2.1. Before starting

2.1.1. Find the best wifi channel

Download the one of the following APPs from your smartphone app store.

  • Wifi Analyser
  • Wifi Network Analyser

Use the graph mode in the APP to find which of the channels is the best. 

Note: We suggest to select channel 1, 6 or 11 for less interference. 

The best channel is the one with lower number of other networks and/or lower signal.

In this example channel  11 would be the best one. (lower signal power that the channel 1 and 6)

2.1.2. Get the Router credentials

Locate the label on the back of the SmartRouter.

There should be printed the username and password to access the router configuration page.

IF the label is not present, or doesn't have any credentials, please try the following one.

  • Username: vodafone
  • password: vodafone

2.2. Configuration

2.2.1. Access the Router webpage

Connect to the router network if not already.

On a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, edge, Internet Explorer, ...) navigate to the following URL.

NOTE: This is the default address. If you have changed the router IP you will need to replace the "" with that IP.

The following screen will appear to login in the configuration page.

Insert the credential founded on the previous step.

2.2.2. Go to wifi 2.4ghz advanced config

The following page will appear.

Go to:

  1. "Configuração avançada" ("advanced config")  
  2. "Rede 2.4G (avançado)" ("2.4G network (advanced)")
  3. Select the "canal" ("channel") option.

2.2.3 Set the wifi channel

Select the channel discovered on the first step (Find the best wifi channel).

In this example, channel 11 was selected as it was the best channel available.

Note: Ignore the default red text that appears when setting a fixed channel.

Click on "Aplicar" ("Apply") to save the changes.

Close the page.

The configuration is done.