Cable specification::

To  access Homeit BOX on your INDKEY, it is necessary to have 10 conductos (7 for the actual keys and 3 for the LED's). We recommend the use of 10 x 0.22 alarm cable (10 filaments with 0.22mm of diameter), with or without special coating.

Don't use monofilament cables (per example a rigid UTP CAT. 5E). The characteristics of these cables are not appropriate for this connection.

How to correspond each cable?

Please follow the guide on the left, in caso you happen to have the same colours in your cable. If not, follow the numeric labelling. 

To connect the cables to the LED terminals, use tin solder (recommended) and wind them to the LED terminals. 

Isolating LED terminals:

After connecting the cables to the LED terminals, you must insulate them using one of the following options: heat shrink sleeve, adhesive tape, insulating tape or hot glue.

When connecting the cables, make sure that they are well stripped and making good contact with both the connector and the LED terminals. Also make sure that there is no electrical contact between adjacent cables and LED terminals.