To quickly start using the revamped homeit Web APP, we explain how to use each main homeit's Web App feature:

  • How to open doors remotely?

After you identified the door, you can open it in two simple steps: 

  1. Slide your finger to enable the confirmation icons.
  2. Click the tick to open or the cross to cancel this opening.

For your safety, we've added the slider step to avoid accidentally opening a door.

  • How to create temporary keys for your guests?

    It remains very simple to create temporary access for your guests. To make this process even easier, we added a pink button to each property that will allow you to quickly create the accesses you need.

  • How to create permanent keys for your staff?

    In this new version, we added a new option for the duration of your keys. The permanent key allows you to create an access without an expiration date. These keys are ideal for your staff and for those who are helping you to manage your properties.

  • How to share accesses with your guests?

    To copy the access link, just identify the key you want to share and click on the share icon (see below which icon to click). The link will be automatically copied to your device and ready to be pasted on any platform.

  • How does the guest open their doors?

    By clicking on the link (already shared by you) the guest will open a page that will have a tutorial. This tutorial will explain him how to open the doors with your homeit system and at the end it will show you the access sliders to your doors. See below:
  • How to sync Homeit with my calendars using iCal?

    To sync any Calendar (ical), simply access the synchronisations tab and click on the (+) button. Then just paste the calendar URL and select the relevant property.

  • How to see your Access Logs?

To check who and at what time someone entered your home, simply access the Activities menu. On this page, you can see the accesses from the last 48 hours. If you need to have a longer history, you will need to activate the Unlimited Access History add-on.