This process will not reset the BOXv1 current configuration if there is one. It only forces the firmware update. Only to be used as a last resort when the Homeit BOXv1 is unable to update the firmware during a normal setup and/or operation mode.

Note: This procedure requires an Ethernet cable.

  1. Open the BOXv1 by removing the plastic enclosure;
  2. Disconnect the power cable from the BOXv1;
  3. Connect the BOXv1 to a Router using an Ethernet cable. Make sure the router has internet access.
  4. Locate the SETUP button on the board: the board has a single blue button about 1mm in diameter near the keypad connector;
  5. Press and hold the button.
  6. Keep holding the button down and now plug the power cable back into the BOXv1. Release the button when the LED stops blinking which takes around 10 seconds;
    • Firmware update process will begin as shown by the PINK LED.
  7. When the blue LED starts blinking fast again the update was successful.
  8. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the BOXv1;
  9. Close the enclosure.
  10. Your BOXv1 is now updated to the latest firmware version. You may proceed with the configuration process.

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