This guide will help you install and setup the A1 Pro lock and P1 Pro keypad. We will download the needed app, add both devices, pair the keypad to the lock and create a passcode.

Note: Make sure both the smart lock and keypad have batteries inside and are installed inside and outside of the house respectively.


1. Install Devices

  1. Download and install the Tuya App on your mobile device. The app is available for Android, iOS, and iPadOS on the respective app store. Make sure you have an Internet connection, Bluetooth is turned on and you are within 5 meters of the smart lock.
  2. Launch the app and Sign Up or Log In
    1. New account: Tap the Sign Up button, select your country, enter your email and tap Get Verification Code you will receive a verification code on your email.
  3. Add a device by tapping the + sign on top right corner. Select Add Manually on the top and on the left column tap the Security & Video Surveillance tab.      

 1.1. Add the A1 Pro lock

  1. On the right side go to the Smart Lock category and select Lock (BLE) .

 1.2. Add the P1 Pro keypad

  1. Note: Sometimes when you tap the + to add a device, you will be prompted to add the keypad. If this prompt does not appear see next step.
  2. On the right side go to the Mini Lock & Accessory category and select Accessory (BLE).
  3. A screen will show how many devices were found, tap the + on the one you want to add. After the device has been added you will be redirected to your Home screen but now it is populated. To add another device just repeat the process.

2. Pair the P1 Pro keypad to A1 Pro lock.

  1. Make sure you added the Keypad previously.
  2. From your Home page select the A1 Pro. At the bottom of the page select the tools icon (third icon) to pair an accessory.
  3. Select the previously added keypad P1 Pro and tap Start Binding at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once the binding is complete it will redirect you to the keypad page.
  5. Now we need to configure the devices.

3. Lock Configuration

  1. From your Home page select the A1 Pro.

3.1. Settings

Now at the bottom of the page select the ellipsis icon (three dots) to enter the settings menu.

3.2. Calibrate the lock

  1. Make sure the lock is correctly installed on the inside and on the door and the lock/door is completely open, i.e. all of the latches.
  2. Select Motor Rotation Direction accordingly to how the door latch opens. 
    1. Left to right: Clockwise unlock.
    2. Right to left: Anticlockwise unlock.
  3. Select Calibrate and then Re-calibrate. The lock will start calibrating and can be used right after.
  4. Select Auto lock delay time set from the lock settings to change the automatic lock time. We recommend around 15 seconds.

3.3. Member management

At the bottom of the lock page select the person icon to enter the member management menu. You can add family members, or others like a cleaning service.

  1. Tap on the + on the top right corner to add a new member
    1. Family: Fill in the text fields by entering the member name, Tuya App account email, set the role depending on the permissions (common member or administrator) and press Save. An invitation will be sent to the respective account.
    2. Others: Useful for external services and/or friends. Fill in the text fields by selecting nickname to change the member name, let them open the lock via app and set the time to permanent or an interval for when they can use the lock. Tap Save on the top right corner, this will redirect you to the others tab on Member management.Select the added member type and then select share and enter the user email with whom you want to share this access. An invitation will be sent to the respective account.

3.4. Check Records

At the bottom of the lock page select the paper icon to enter the Opening record menu. Here you will be able to monitor when and who opened the door.

For more settings select the ellipsis icon at the bottom of the lock page to enter the settings menu.

4. Keypad Configuration

  1. From your Home page select the P1 Pro keypad. 

4.1. Create passcode 

At the bottom of the keypad page select the key icon and then tap on the + on the bottom right corner to add a new unlock method.

  1. Select one of the options from Online Code category, then select the lock you want to bind the code to, in this case the A1 Pro lock, select the user you want to give access to the code, the user needs to have a Tuya App account and be added as a known member. As we saw previously in the member management in step 2.
  2. Finally you can either set a custom code manually or a random code by pressing the Randomly generated text. We recommend to also name the code for ease of use.
  3. You can now open the lock by inputting the code into the keypad.

For more settings select the gear icon at the bottom of the keypad page.

5. Guest/Member Types

On the Guest side after they Log In on the Tuya App, they need to go to the tab Me in the bottom navigation bar and into Message Center in order to see the notification and then go back to the Me tab to then go into Home Management to accept the invitation by clicking on the correct house.

5.1. Family member

5.1.1. Administrator

An admin has full control of all the devices that are shared by the home owner. This includes being able to add other members.

5.1.2. Common

A common type user does not have full control of all the devices that are shared by the home owner or administrator. Can use the lock, keypad and see their opening records but can't add other members.

5.2. Other

This member type has the same permissionsas as the common type user, this is useful as a logistics tool if you have a cleaning service or someone that requires access to your Home when someone is not physically present. The keypad is not shared with this member type.

6. Remote Access

If you pretend to remotely control your devices you will require a Bluetooth Gateway, contact Homeit sales department for more information.

If you already have the required Bluetooth Gateway please follow the steps on the following guide Tuya Bluetooth Gateway - Configuration Guide (10 minutes) to install and configure the Gateway.

Your devices are ready to be used.

We are constantly aiming to improve our guides, leave us some feedback down below, thank you!