Dear Client,

With the launch of our new Web App, it will be natural to discontinue the current Host Dashboard platform.

To facilitate this migration, we will start a transition period where you will be able to continue using both platforms to facilitate your adaptation to the new App.

However, it is necessary to understand what actions you can do on each of the platforms and to understand the type of information flow that will exist between each one.

For this, we have provided a set of frequently asked questions that you should consult frequently:


·         How can I access the new Web App?


You can access it at


·         How can I access the Host Dashboard (old platform)?

1.       You can access it at

2.       Important: Host Dashboard will be discontinued on April 30, 2020. From that

3.       date, you should only use the new Web App to manage your properties.


  • If you create keys on the old Host Dashboard, will they appear on the new Web App? 

Yes. The new Web App is backwards compatible with the old Host Dashboard. Everything you create on the old Host Dashboard will be automatically created on the new Web App.


  • And the reverse? If you create keys in the new Web App, will they appear on the old Host Dashboard?

No. Everything you create on the new Web App will remain active only on the new   platform. No keys created in the new Web App will be visible in the new old Host Dashboard. In these cases, you will have to      create the same keys on the old Host Dashboard.

  • How much do add-ons cost and how can I add them to my plan?

The complements are different in their functions and prices. You can consult a price list here. To add the add-ons to your base plan, simply place your order at  The values of premium add-ons consist of a prepaid monthly fee valid for 30 days from the date of payment. 

Important: The amount of the payment for the complement of the house is related to each possible homeit BOX. Example: If you have 10 boxes activated, the monthly value of the add-on will be 10 times your unit value.


  •  If you add or add Master Keys to the new Web App, can you continue to use the Master Key created on the old Host Dashboard?

No. Once you have created a Master Key in the new Web App, you will lose access to the Master Key already created on the old Host Dashboard.


  • I have more than 10 keys on the old host panel. Do you want to lose access to these keys to use a new application?

No. To facilitate the creation of platforms, we will migrate all the keys activated in the past to a new App. In this way, it is not necessary to create all the keys again. Part of a promotional campaign for the launch, you will also have access to all add-ons for free for 30 days, in order to keep all keys and create the new keys you need. However, after 30 days of trial, if you have more than 10 keys on your property, you won't be able to creat additional keys. To be able to create more than 10 keys you will have to subscribe to the add-on - Unlimited keys.


  • Will the current Guest App (present in the App Stores) also be discontinued?

Yes. With the launch of the new Web App, you will have a new way to share access with your guests. Now you no longer need to ask your guest to download any application to enter your home. All keys created will have an associated unique link that you can share with guests.

      This link can be opened on any device and browser by your guest to open their doors. Important: Access to this link will only be available during the check-in and check-out dates you choose.


  • Will my current integration with Channel Manager / PMS continue to work?

No. Together with this launch of the new Web App, we also launched the new API v2 homeit. This new API will allow us to synchronize and integrate the homeit with any calendar (iCal), PMS and Channel Manager in a stable and very fast way!

To continue enjoying your integration with your Channel Manager or PMS, you will need to ask your PMS provider to update the integration on your side. We recommend that you share the new API documentation ( with your provider to update the integration - any questions that might pop-up we are available to help. 

       Important: In order to be able to offer an even better service, we have turned this feature into a premium add-on. This means that this integration will now have an associated fee.


  • Homeit Recommendations:

- Check the future keys already created in the old dashboard and resend the respective access links to your guests, so that they can open their doors without any problem.

- Inform your current guests about the discontinuation of the Guest APP homeit and share the respective access links so they can continue to enter your home without any problem.


  • How can I copy the access link for the guest?

To copy the access link, just identify the key you want to share and click on the share icon (see below which icon to click). The link will be automatically copied to your device and ready to be pasted on any platform.