This guide will not touch on every detail of the TTHotel solution only on the ones we feel are essential for a basic setup as a starting point. We will also give some insight as we go through every component. If you are looking for a more detailed guide consult the official TTHotel Manual as an attached PDF at the end of this guide.

Table of Contents

1. Requirements

For a complete installation of the TTHotel system the following material is required.

  • Dashboard TTHotel: Management Software used by the Hotel administrator and its team used to create floors, rooms, check-in/check-out, accesses methods, etc
  • TTHotel (App): App used by the Hotel administrator and its team to access most of the information that is already available on the TTHotel dashboard but while being mobile.
  • TTHotel Guests (App): Allow the guest to acces all of its eletronic keys, the account credentials are created by the Hotel staff during the check-in.
  • Gateway G2: Device that after being connected to the local Wi-Fi network allows the Hotel staff to send via Bluetooth to all the smart locks in range the access credentials, also allows the staff to get information on the records of the locks, i.e. openings, and which door.
  • Card Encoder E2: Device that allows the staff to create accesses using 13,52MHz RFID cards.
  • Fechadura Inteligente: A TTLock smart lock compatible with the TTHotel solution to be installed on the door.
  • Energy Saving Switch: Device with a card slot that allows the guest to turn on the power distribution on its room by inserting a RFID card on the slot.

2. Install the Apps

2.1. Dashboard TTHotel

TTHotel Dashboard software is free and available to download from the following link. Once installed run the software the following will appear.

The get access to your credentials you first have to request the creation of the Hotel to Homeit. These credentials are created by Homeit when creating the Hotel so you will have to contact Homeit support to guide you through the process.

2.2. TTHotel App (admin/staff)

The TTHotel admin and staff app is free and available to download from the Android, iOS/ipadOS app store, i.e. Play Store and App Store respectively. Search for the name TTHotel or click the following link. Once installed launch the app and the following will appear.

If you are an admin your credentials were created by Homeit previously. If you belong to the Hotel staff your credentials are created on the Dashboard when your role is created together with the access method you are entitled to as we will se later.

2.3. TTHotel Guest App

The TTHotel Guest App is free and available to download from the Android, iOS/ipadOS app store, i.e. Play Store and App store respectively. Search for the name TTHotel Guests or click the following link. Once installed launch the app and the following will appear.

The access credentials shall be created during the guest check-in process. Once Logged In, on the bottom navigation bar on the Home tab you can find all the eletronic keys that you have access to. The Me tab allows the user to Log Out of the app.

3. Dashboard, setup the Hotel

Run the TTHotel desktop software and Log In with your credentials created by Homeit previously. The dashboard main window will be shown, similar to the following.

This window is the main hub from where you can access all of the system functionalities. On the top portion you will see the navigation bar with different tabs separated by categories as the names imply. Before exploring further we will first do a basic setup, when compared to a real Hotel, so that we can successfully use the mobile apps.

3.1. Create building

Click in New building or the + symbol on the left side Building column and name it. Each new building is shown on this column.

3.2. Create floor

Select the building you wish to add floors to and click on New Floor or on the + on the left side Floor column, name it. Each new floor is shown on this column.

3.3. Create room

Select the building and floor you wish to add rooms to and then click on the New Room button. You can create rooms as a batch or individually and create and/or select the type of room it is and its respective price by clicking on the box below the Room Type and then New room type.

3.3.1. Batch

The tab Batch allows you to create room as a batch. As an example set the initial number to 1 and the last to 5 to create 5 rooms and select the Room Type you want.

3.3.2. Individually

In the tab Single you can create one room at a time by inserting the desired name for the room and its type. Afterwards the dashboard will look similar to the following.

The red lock symbol under every room name indicates that the room does not have a lock paired to it. So before we continue exploring the dashboard we will have to configure and physically install the gateway, smart locks and card encoder.

4. TTHotel App, setup the devices

When you open the TTHotel admin app on your mobile device you will have to Log In using the same credentials you used to Log In to the dashboard at the computer as an administrator.

After you log in you will be presented with the main page, on the bottom portion of the app there is a navigation bar with different tabs for each category each one with a different functionality like their names indicate. The Statistics tab shows all the changes implemented on the computer Dashboard and from here you can monitor your Hotel

4.1. Gateway

Even though not obligatory but for a matter of information flow we will first configure the Gateway (G2) device because it allows the Dashboard on the computer to have knowledge of the changes that are implemented during the usage of the TTHotel App. Make sure the Bluetooth on your mobile device is turned on.

In the navigation bar at the bottom of the app, select Devices. This tab allows you to see all the devices connected to the Hotel, including of all the building that you might have created in the past.

Tap the + button on the top right corner to initiate the pairing process, in the new window choose Gateway. The new window will show all the available gateways (only one most likely) select the one that is highlighted in blue indicating that is ready to be paired and tap the + button like in the following figure.

In the following fields select the local Wi-Fi network that you wish to connect to, its password and gateway name. We recommend giving it a meaningful name for example G2-H1-F1-START meaning gateway (G2) of Hotel #1 (H1) at Floor #1 (F1) and START meaning at the start of a corridor or something similar. A success message will appear afterwards.

Tap Done, the gateway will be connected to the Hotel and will appear in the list of devices in Devices>Gateway with the given name and on the main page, Statistics, in the number of gateways. In the list of devices beneath the name of the Gateway its state represents if it is connected to Wi-Fi. The number by the side of the lock symbol represents the number of locks connected to the Hotel in its range. See next figure.

4.2. Pairing the smart lock

Make sure the Bluetooth on your mobile device is turned on. Assuming the lock is already installed on the door go to the navigation bar at the bottom and select the tab Devices then tap + on the top right corner and select Lock. In our example configuration we ended up with the following screen but this varies from Hotel to Hotel.

This window only lists available rooms to pair with a smart lock. Rooms that already have a lock paired to will not show up. Select the room that you want to pair the lock to and follow the steps to put your smart lock in pairing mode. In the next window of available locks to pair select the one highlighted in blue, indicating that is ready to be paired, and with the correct model name and then tap the + button.

If you pretend to set up more locks, this is the ideal moment to do so. Just repeat the process until all locks are paired. The locks will show up on the tab Devices in Lock in more detail.

You can also select the previously added gateway in the tab Devices in the Gateways to see that it now has connected devices, the number might take some time to update.

Return to the main page, Statistics for a general view of the Hotel at its current state similar to the following.

If you go to the tab eKeys in the navigation bar you will now have electroning keys for all the locks you just set up.

5. Dashboard, roles,  access, check-in/check-out...

After configuring all the devices go back to the TTHotel Dashboard on your computer. The rooms that previously didn't have any locks (red lock symbol) paired to now don't have the symbol meaning they have locks paired to, see next figure.

In this section we will create accesses, lets first configure the RFID card encoder to be able to create accesses using the RFID method.

5.1. Card encoder

Connect the card encoder to the computer where the TTHotel Dashboard is intalled by plugging it in via the USB port a window will pop-up click in Encrypt to encrypt the encoder for this Hotel.

Test the card encoder by clicking in View Card on the right side of the dashboard and then putting a 13,56MHz RFID card close to it to view its contents.

5.2. Room options, check-in/check-out

In the main page of the dashboard right-click a room to get access to its options such as creating a check-in, marking the room as dirty to be cleaned, check the room/lock/door opening records and general room info.

In the option check-in you will create the account and method of access for the room guest, the access via app allow the guest to log in to the TTHotel Guests app where he/she will find all eletronic keys he/she has access to.

With the check-in done if you right-click on the room again you will have new options, like doing the check-out or modifying the date at which it ends, create additional accesses and add a roommate.

Once the check-out is done the room shall be marked as dirty to be cleaned as soon as possible. Only once marked as clean again will you be able to create a new check-in.

5.3. Top navigation bar

As mentioned before the Dashboard is pretty intuitive to navigate through, we will describe what each tab does and we consider important.

5.3.1. Hotel

Gives you access to the Hotel information e and connected devices. Allows you to manage the rooms available for the guests, i.e. create/edit room and its type or even deleting them. Here you can see low battery notifications, deleted locks, and much more.

5.3.2. Staff, roles and access methods

In this tab before adding a staff member to the Hotel you first need to create the roles that/will exist, e.g. cleaning service, room service, tecnhical repair, etc, and if they have or don't have access to the TTHotel admin app. The account for the new staff member is created at this moment and is used to Log In to the TTHotel admin app if he has access to it. The app user interface of the staff members will be different from the administrator.

After adding a staff member you can create the access method by choosing card, TTHotel App Guest and/or Numeric passcode. Set the access validity period and which doors it will be able to open. If you choose the card method the system will ask you to touch RFID card to the Card Encoder in order to register it in this Hotel. One can have access to the admin app and guest app at the same time.

5.3.3. Access

Get access to a list of all the created accesses for each of access methods. If you select Card you have the option to mark a RFID card as lost so that it can't be used anymore on this Hotel and renew it. If you select the option Guest App or passcode you can delete the access or change its validity period

5.3.4. Devices

Shows a list of all the device models connected to the Hotel according to the chosen device type.

5.3.5. Settings

Gives access to the FAQs, i.e. Frequently Asked Questions, to TTLock about the TTHotel solution and their answers. Change credentials

If you ever need to change credentials select Change Account to change the current email or mobile phone number and/or select Change Password to change the password.

6. SMS Messages

The SMS messages can be used to notify the guests and/or Hotel staff members when creating a passcode or guest app access method. If you enter the Hotel dashboard and haven't received the notification already you will received the following notification indicating that the Hotel has 20 free SMS messages.

6.1. Access creation

When creating a check-in or creating accesses for the Hotel staff members you can click the Send SMS button to notify the guest or staff member with the generated code or that he/she has an available electronic key and the respective app credentials. Check the SMS message content by clicking the SMS message button.

6.2. Buy SMS messages

In the top navigation bar select the Hotel tab and then SMS Messages. This new window will show the prices of the different message bundles depending on the quantity, you can also see the Payment History and Message Logs. At the moment the price is shown in United State Dollars (USD) and the available payment method is PayPal.

We are constantly aiming to improve our guides, leave us some feedback down below, thank you!